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2019 BOOK List

Dates for 2019 Books

18th.Jan “The Knight in Rusty Armour” by Robert Fisher  (Tsitsi)

15th.Feb “Slade House” by David Mitchell   (Mike Wood)

15th.Mar. “The New Mrs. Clifton” by Elizabeth Buchan   (Angie)

19th.Apr. “Daniel Martin” by John Fowles     (David)

17th.May “The Bookshop” by Penelope Fitzgerald  (Mike Brewer)

21st.June “Mudbound” by Hillary Jordan      (Louise)

19th.July “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee    (Kerstin)

16th.Aug. “Conclave” by Robert Harris                   (Joan)

20th.Sept. “The Moon’s A Balloon” by David Niven    (Jenny)

17th.Oct. “A Foreign Country” by Charles Cumming    (Mary)

15th.Nov. “Death In The Dordogne” by Martin Walker       (Mike Bickerton)

13th.Dec. “Worth Dying For” by Lee Child         (Mike Chapman)

The meetings to be held on the third Friday of each month, with the exception of the December meeting, which will be on the second Friday, in order to avoid being too close to Christmas.