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This message is for British and Dutch people (and other nationalities) who may have difficulties with the French language. For those of you who understand and can communicate well in French, ‘courage’ to all during this unprecedented health crisis.

On Tuesday 16th March at 8pm, President Macron made a very important speech to the nation about the methods they are putting in place from MIDDAY 17th MARCH FOR AT LEAST 15 DAYS to fight this epidemic. - All travel is forbidden except in certain situations AND you must have an attestation as to why you have left your home.

 The attestation can be printed off the government website :

If you do not have an attestation explaining why you are out, you may be stopped by the gendarmes and fined between 35 - 135 euros. -

You are allowed to go shopping for food - food shops are open but do not ‘panic buy’ - be responsible. Keep a 2m distance between yourself and others.

Use your hand gel. - Pharmacies are open so you are allowed to go to get your medicines.

f you need to go to the doctor, this is allowed but it’s a good idea to telephone first to see if it is necessary. Do not call 15 (SAMU) or go to Urgences unless it is an emergency as they are swamped at the moment. Call your own doctor.

You are allowed to go out if you need to look after or check on children or elderly and vulnerable people BUT follow safety guidelines - washing hands, keeping a distance etc.

You are allowed to go out for exercise or to walk your dog locally and individually but not in a group and keep away from others. Vets are also open

If you work, you must work from home if possible.

For all the above situations you MUST have an attestation. All educational establishments, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, theatres and shops that are not of primary importance are closed.

The situation is evolving all the time so it is a good idea to go to the government website, above, which is translated into English. Please pass on this information to your friends and family.