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Within 24 Hours

1. Declare the death to the Mairie where the death occurred

2. Contact Funeral Director

3. Inform Insurance Companies

Within 36 Hours

1. The PACS ends by the death of one of the partners. The surviving partner must send a copy of the death certificate to the Greffe du Tribunal d'Instance which recorded the initial act.

Within 48 Hours

1. Inform the deceased's employer if there is one

2. Inform ASSEDIC if the deceased was unemployed and receiving benefits

Within 7 Days of Death Inform

1. All bank, saving and post office accounts in France and elsewhere

2. Mortgage provider if there is one

3. CPAM and any other heath care scheme

4. All Pension providers

5. Credit companies

6. Notaire

7. Solicitor, Accountants, etc

8. Passport agency to return/cancel a passport

9. Driving Licence agency

Within 15 Days of Death Inform

1. Car Registration agency

Within 30 Days of Death Inform

1. Utility Companies in order to terminate any contract

2. The Tax Office

3. Change of status with Social Services benefits

4. Country of Origin Consulate - if you wish to record the death on the national register

You MUST within 24 hours report the death to the local Commune Mairie where the death occurred.. It is a legal requirement and you will be fined if this is not done.

You MUST complete the burial or cremation between 2 and 6 days.

Checklist to do within 24 hours

Checklist to do within 36 hours

Checklist to do within 48 hours

Checklist to do within 7 days

Checklist to do within 15 days

Checklist to do within 30 days


1. The Death Certificate (acte de décès) does not indicate the cause of death and is issued by the doctor. If the death is caused by accident, or suicide the gendarmerie must be informed and they issue the death certificate

2. You can be buried on your own land with permission

3. You can scatter ashes on your own land, river, sea or out of an aeroplane

4. It is the law that the family must follow the deceased's wishes. If the person wishes to be repatriated back to the UK or any other country for burial or cremation. It is very costly, however repatriation by air, sea or overland is allowed with the following documents which must travel with the deceased:

  Deceased's passport

  Deceased's birth and marriage certificates (translated to country of repatriation)

  Certificate of embalming

  Death Certificate (translated to country of repatriation)

  Certified copy of the registration of the death (translated to country of repatriation)

  Authorisation to remove the deceased out of the country

 Laissez-passer (Provided by Funeral Director, this allows the coffin to pass through other communes and   countries)

If returning to the UK a post mortem will probably be required by the Coroner as the Death Certificate in France does not show cause of death.

5. If you die in Hospital your organs will be available for donation, unless you have signed a opt-out in your will or registered with the Registre National de Refus

6. If a British person dies in France you can also register the death at the British Consulate General in Paris, this will ensure that it appears in the UK Registry Office

7. The cost of the funeral is paid out of the deceased's estate, or has to be paid for by relatives.